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How and Why the Dutch Live in Water

That many Dutch people live in water is quite startling, isn’t it? They build their homes in the water either by reclaiming the sea or by using movable property. It’s even more fantastic to imagine that people have stable lives living in water. I know it is quiet an interesting topic so I hope you will read to the last letter.

The large population

They didn’t just decide to be living in the water. It was necessary for the people to look for land in other places and they found it in the sea. The Netherlands is one of the busiest ports in the world. In fact the country is known as the gateway to Europe. Any time you want to travel to Europe, you are likely to pass through the country. The fact that the country has busy port system makes it to attract millions of immigrants and other people who seek job and residential business in the area. So the large population makes the resources stressed and that means that people want to increase the land through reclamation and wonen op het water or live on the water.

The Dutch reclaim land from the sea

Netherlands is a country towards the Eastern part of Europe and it is covered by the sea which makes it the appropriate place to reclaim land. And, because of the population density, the government introduced the reclamation policies. Instead of clattering in the land many Dutch people decided to start living in the sea. The reclaimed land is protected from the sea. Just like in the mainland, people who reclaim the sea go ahead to build megastructures and houses.

Boat living

What comes to your mind when you think about a boat house? A holiday destination? Well, due to the large population, people sought options and while some people reclaimed land, others just decided to be living in boats. Others resulted to their large boats and built homes inside the boats and started living there. So they just turned their boat into homes and today they have what they call movable property. Actually, the Movable Property Tax is a common levy by the Dutch government. If you live in a boat in the Netherlands, you are certainly going to have to pay this tax. Minus the land the movable property is a real home and this is fantastic.

It goes without saying that water living has its pros and cons. However, it cannot be unnoticed that the Dutch have been able to show their ingenious nature in reclaiming and utilizing property and land on water.

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